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Dinner in the park? New regulations could threaten café seating

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Prices are rising slightly on Mérida restaurant menus. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — The leader of the city’s restaurant trade group expressed concern that new regulations could affect restaurants that have been expanded into public parks.

Relatively rare a decade ago, a few restaurants have stretched out into paths that were previously public domain.

La Recova and Apoala in Parque Santa Lucia and Mansión Mérida in Parque Hidalgo, for example, have al fresco seating that appears to reach into the park.

Carlos Campos Achach complained about the lack of clarity in municipal standards, evident in rising noise complaints from residential neighbors.

Questioned about the noise conflict in the Centro Histórico, Campos Achach replied that the issue has more to do with bars and cantinas than with restaurants.

Prices up

Restaurant prices are ticking up the second half of March, Carinac announced.

Menus will reflect an increase between 3 and 5 percent, said Campos Achach.

The cost of meats, dairy products, wines and fruits was cited. Until now, restaurateurs in general  had absorbed costs that began to rise in January, he said.

Dinner for two at an Italian restaurant “in the expat area” including appetizers, main course, wine and dessert averages 546 pesos, according to a calculation at Expatistan.

New leadership

Meanwhile, Canirac unanimously elected a new president. The former Coparmex youth leader, Alejandra Pacheco Moreno, runs the D’Liz catering company, which was founded by her father.

Pacheco Moreno, 33, is the first woman to lead the restaurant trade group since it was founded 33 years ago.

A year ago, Pacheco Moreno led the “Yo no doy mordida” campaign against corruption.

With information from Sipse and La Jornada Maya

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