Dinner in the Sky: Popup restaurant to dangle over Telchac

Global craze comes to Yucatan for the 1st time

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The global Dinner in the Sky concept is daring diners to try it in Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy

Anyone who’s longed to dine while suspended from a crane at 150 feet now has a chance to do it.

Dinner in the Sky is a global craze that’s come to Yucatan. A series of gourmet meals, served to customers strapped in with safety harnesses, are scheduled for a waterfront development in Telchac.

The pop-up restaurant promises fabulous food, but if nothing else, a great view.

The concept began in 2006, when Hakuna Matata, a communications agency, and The Fun Group, a company specialized in amusement park installations, joined forces. Today, this Belgian-based company has expanded into more than 50 countries.

The creators describe the concept as “…a child’s dream come true: a flying dinner table.”

And indeed, they hoist diners over some of the world’s most dramatic locales, from Cape Town Bay to the Las Vegas Strip.

Each setting is helmed by a renowned regional chef. Wait staff are tethered to the platform, while patrons are in roller-coaster like harnesses to ensure the safety of all involved in this adventurous endeavor. For an extra thrill, the chairs recline, to allow diners to lean backwards over the edge of the dangling platform.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served on various dates between July 4 and Aug. 11 (previously until Sept. 1). Prices range from 2,500 to 2800 pesos per person.

They have been in Mexico since 2014, but this is their first venture in Yucatan. Elsewhere in the country, diners can rise above with the hot-air balloons at Teotihuacan in September, or above the tequila fields of Guadalajara in 2020.

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