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Divers take home top awards after capturing amazing cenote images

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“Diver in the Magic Temple” took home the gold in an underwater photo competition. Photo: Courtesy

Photos of Yucatan’s mysterious and beautiful cenotes won first and second place in an international competition for divers.

Czech adventurer Petr Polách won the gold for capturing a “Diver in the Magic Temple” at Cenote Chun-Ya, northwest of Izamal. Meanwhile, Torbjörn Gylleus, a Scandinavian photographer, brought home silver for “Through the Mist,” a dreamy portrait of Cenote Chan Hol in Tulum.

Hannes Klostermann, a German photographer based in La Paz, received an honorable mention for “The Pit,” a stunning blue-hued vertical shot taken in an unnamed Quintana Roo cenote. UnderwaterCompetition.com announced the winners today.

The annual DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition is part of the Underwater Competition Series, organized by DivePhotoGuide and Wetpixel. Thousands entered for the chance to win more than $45,000 in travel and equipment prizes.

Enrico Somogyi took home the Best of Show award for a creative capture of a golden jellyfish that appeared to be floating in outer space.

Fifteen percent of proceeds are donated directly to marine conservation efforts. See all the winners here.

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