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Dog kicked by runner in viral video has been found and is safe

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A stray dog who was kicked by a runner has been found and is being cared for. Photo: Courtesy

Valladolid, Yucatán — A friendly dog that found herself on the wrong end of a running shoe has been found.

In a video that went viral last Sunday, a stray black dog who was underfoot during a road race here got kicked by an irritated runner near the finish line.

The action was widely circulated — and widely condemned on a national level. The mortified runner later apologized in his own online video.

Meanwhile, the dog’s whereabouts had become a mystery.

Now she is safe and sound, said José Guadalupe Monroy Pérez, of the Public Security Directorate, who recognized her and led her to shelter.

The dog, a mixed-breed female about a year old, was fed and bathed and is being tested for internal injuries, said veterinarian Luís Felipe Álvarez Alcocer, owner of a veterinary hospital.

The runner, a local man, posted his own video later that day.

“I apologize for the wrongful act I committed this morning against a helpless living being that did not deserve what I did to him. I unfortunately acted without thinking, I apologize wholeheartedly and I am very sorry. I am also looking for the puppy to take charge of any damage that was caused,” said the runner.

Officials have not decided whether to charge the runner with cruelty or abuse.

Source: Sipse

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