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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Doritos commercial in Mexico is a touching coming out story

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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A Doritos Mexico ad is lighting up the Internet with its sweet message of acceptance.

The two-minute commercial released over the holidays is based on a true story and has been viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube.

At the start of the commercial, university student Javier is traveling home for Christmas and calls his single father from a service station to let him know they’re on their way. The son is bringing a blue-haired friend. The hair isn’t the issue.

After they arrive, Dad notices there’s something more to this friendship between his son and his friend. An affectionate moment in the truck, how they held each other while riding a horse and that time in the restaurant when his son slipped up and asked his friend, “What do you want, honey?”

“Hello, I’m a 52-year-old divorced father and need some help,” he writes, turning to Reddit for support. “I think my son and his friend are a couple and he won’t tell me. How can I let them know that everything is OK?”

Finally, Dad approaches Javier in the kitchen, simply telling his son: “I love you.”

“What you want to tell me is, that you love me as I am?” Javier, obviously a bright student, responds.

His father nods, they hug and the Internet’s collective eyes well up.

The ad concludes with the text, “The best gift for these holidays is accepting everyone the way they are.”

Doritos are barely found in the ad, but the brand has been highlighting LGBTQ stories for its #PrideAllYear campaign.

“We’re really proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved with Doritos Rainbow,” said Eduardo Córdoba, marketing director at Doritos México. “And we believe the moment is right to show that our commitment extends beyond a proud celebration every June.”

Source: NBC’s Today

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