Dramatic storms sweep through Yucatan, bringing lightning and hail

Storms brought hail to parts of Yucatan. Photos: Facebook

Merida, Yucatan — Rain, lightning, winds and hail hit the region Sunday evening with one of the strongest storms in recent memory.

The center and south of Yucatan received the worst of the deluge. Residents reported squeegeeing rainwater from their homes.

Foreshadowed by dark clouds, the rain fell on Merida starting around 5 p.m., lasting more than two hours. More than 200 bolts of lightning were counted by meteorological authorities.

The storms, which interrupted a period of intense heat, were attributed to a trough coming all the way from the Pacific Ocean.

A blackout in the north, from Villas Hacienda to El Campestre, was also associated with the storm. Intermittent power interruptions were also recorded in most municipalities in the south.

In the interior of the state, hail was reported in some areas of Ticul, Oxkutzcab and Akil. Chunks of ice the size of marbles threatened fruit crops, such as mamey.

Gusts of 50 kilometers / 31 miles per hour nearly toppled trees and in at least one case got the better of a telephone pole. Live wires blocked the street in Col. San Francisco, although some motorists took the risk and passed through.

In Progreso the rain stifled the heat that had prevailed much of the day and municipalities such as Tizimín saw no more than cloudy skies.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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