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Drunken taxi driver leaves a trail of destruction

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Minerva Molina’s gate was reportedly knocked down by a drunken taxi driver. Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Mérida, Yucatán — In her García Ginerés home, Doña Minerva Molina was watching a comedy on TV around 11 p.m. Friday when she heard a noise so frightening, she jolted from her sofa.

Running outside to investigate, she found her son’s Honda Civic destroyed and her gate and trees knocked over. Whoever caused the damage fled the scene.

Police believe the same driver, visibly drunk and behind the wheel of his FUTV taxi, who then drove to the Centro, headlights off, crashing into another car and a van at Calle 66 and 43.

At that point his car was disabled, and at least one onlooker captured the confusion on video, where the driver is seen attempting to drive away.

The same taxi driver was connected to an earlier accident on the sidewalk in front of the Oxxo at Calle 18 at 13 in García Ginerés, where he smashed his tire.

Damage at the Molina home will cost an estimated 7,000 pesos to repair.

The driver was not named, but is being detained with at least six complaints filed with the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State.

Source: Reporteros Hoy

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