Dry law ends, but many drinkers are still left thirsty

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Ley seca ended, but getting beer and wine was still a challenge in Yucatan. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Most anyone hoping for a Monday happy hour was disappointed when food-delivery apps refused to deliver beer, wine or liquor on Monday. Corner stores emptied their shelves early as advance orders were filled.

A “dry law” since April 10 had strained the patience of both expats and locals accustomed to a drink at the end of the day.

While some early-bird customers were able to snag a bottle of wine or a case of beer — sales were limited to prevent hoarding — more people on social media complained that Cornershop or Rappi wouldn’t let a bottle of liquor or wine go through. Pre-orders ahead of the end of the ban were not accepted.

Error messages directed customers to a service desk, or simply said “agotado,” indicating the item is out of stock.

Some reported that Amazon was the only workable option, and one that came with a four-day wait early in the day and a seven-day wait later on. Others went directly to their chosen supermarket’s website and had better luck placing an order.

Not everyone is going thirsty today, however. One customer called his local Six tiendita and got some dark beer delivered in hours. He posted a photo of a half-filled mug online.

“Oh Indio, how I have missed thee!” he wrote.

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