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Dry law returns to Yucatan, and roads will be closed nightly

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Panic buyers hit the Walmart and other stores that sell liquor amid rumors — that turned out to be true — that Yucatan would reinstate the dry law. Photo: Facebook

Yucatan reinstated its ban on alcohol for at least a month as the state attempt to crack down on counterproductive social behavior that helps spread the coronavirus.

Most road traffic will also be limited between 10:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. In coastal communities, the curfew of cars begins at 9.

“Non-essential” businesses can remain in operation, but must close by 6 p.m. Restaurants are back to a ban on indoor dining on weekends, but can offer home-delivery service.

In a message on social media, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal argued that many people have relaxed hygiene and prevention measures, confusing economic reactivation with the reactivation of their social life. Marinas were also closed after local media shared images of crammed pleasure boats.

On Thursday, residents will learn if Yucatan is still under an orange alert, or if it will go back to red, meaning an almost total economic shutdown on “non-essential” businesses. Health officials are watching daily data that shows a steady number of infections, deaths and new hospitalizations. An auxiliary hospital wing at a convention center opened Monday.

Rumors of the “ley seca” spread quickly before the governor made the announcement Tuesday evening, leading to a surge in panic shopping. The ban was effective immediately.

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