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El Centenario Zoo opens its gates — Mérida will meet new furry residents

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Mérida’s Centenario Zoo held its first exchange of surplus species this year.

The exchange took place a few weeks ago with the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals, located in said municipality. The Centenario delivered a zebra born in their facilities on April 9, 2019.

In turn, they received a pair of cotton-top tamarins (“Saguinus Oedipus”) and a female ring-tailed lemur (“Lemur Catta”).

A ring-tailed lemur has arrived at the Mérida Zoo. Photo: Courtesy

The Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources authorized the exchange, as it helps avoid inbreeding among the animals, in addition to expanding the zoo’s catalog of specimens so that visitors can get to know other species.

In the zebra’s new home awaits a male specimen of the same species, which seeks to ensure reproduction.

Iber Rodríguez Castillo, head of the Centenario, emphasized that the city is committed to the care of the animals housed in the zoos. This exchange opens the possibility of forming new groups, as required by the biological characteristics of the specimens.

The Centenario Zoo will receive a pair of cotton-top tamarins. Photo: Courtesy

Rodríguez Castillo mentioned that for the moment the new tenants are in quarantine, as required by biosecurity protocols.

“They do not present injuries and are in apparent good health,” said Iber Rodríguez. “Likewise, we are working on the preparation of processes to adapt them to their new home and the adaptation of the exhibitors to where they will be transferred when the quarantine period is over”, he indicated.

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