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Entire shopping center shut down after sick worker breaks quarantine

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A woman who works at a Motul bus terminal may have infected dozens of people with COVID-19 after disobeying quarantine. Photo: La Verdad Noticias

Motul, Yucatan — A bus terminal employee, disobeying quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, may have infected 30 family members, friends and customers, authorities said.

Those 30 people are all now in quarantine and the entire shopping center surrounding the station, including its Super Aki supermarket, is shut down, said Mayor Roger Aguilar Arroyo.

The worker is Motul’s fourth confirmed case of COVID-19, and is in a Merida hospital for treatment.

Along with the news, Aguilar Arroyo announced new measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Motul.

Shopping trips are allowed only until 7 p.m., and lighting in parks and public spaces will remain dark at night.

Road blocks at entrances to the city will check people for fever or other symptoms of coronavirus.

Face masks are mandatory for all citizens, especially for employees of essential businesses that are still working, said the mayor.

The Plaza Oasis, where 30 infections could have taken place, has been cordoned off by police.

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