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Entrepreneur magazine ranks Mérida No. 1 for working expats

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A California-based magazine places Mérida at the top of a list of Mexican cities that foreigners should consider calling home.

Entrepreneur magazine, in an article aimed at the growing number of remote workers, suggested five cities south of the border where location-independent professionals can safely continue their careers.

Expensive, crowded tech hubs have been seeing a brain drain as it dawns on employees and business owners that they could “work from home” in a cheaper, more bountiful place. Across the US, places like Austin, Tampa and coastal Maine are gaining interest.

“The migratory effect towards secondary cities as a result of the health contingency, revalued the real estate market in areas where its inhabitants have a low perception of insecurity, which gives a plus to the investment made,” explained Daniel Narváez, Marketing VP of Lamudi, a German-based real estate portal.

But Entrepreneur suggests that workers should also consider destinations outside their home country’s border.

1. Merida

Setting aside all the challenges that a new expat would face here — cultural differences, language, bureaucracy — Entrepreneur saw the potential in working from home in Yucatán’s capital.

“Mérida has a modern infrastructure that has allowed an orderly growth, thanks to its location it allows commercial and tourist activities, which combine tranquility with the versatility of large cities,” Entrepreneur posted.

Crunching the numbers, Entrepreneur concluded that buying a house in the city could cost approximately 2.3 million pesos or US$112,000. A good rental can run around 11,000 pesos or US$540 a month.

The other cities on the list were:

2. San Pedro Garza García

Although more expensive than Mérida, San Pedro Garza García is a contemporary suburb outside of Monterrey, a dynamic corporate center. For all its affluence, residents worry less about crime than in most other cities.

3. San Nicolás de los Garza

One of the best areas in Nuevo León stands out for its high levels of safety in addition to its economic growth. A university, two subway stations, restaurants, supermarkets and co-working centers help flesh out the city.

4. Saltillo

Saltillo is considered by residents to be one of Mexico’s safest. Its industrial growth and the quality of life were also cited. Home costs were similar to Mérida’s.

5. Los Cabos

Los Cabos is experiencing a boom not only in the international tourism sector but in many business segments, Entrepreneur wrote.

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