Essay Writer Gives 7 Time Management Tips for College First Years

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Time is a limited resource, and balancing all your responsibilities, school, job, and home is not an easy undertaking. Regardless of how much you have to do, everyone has the same 24 hours to tick off items in their to-list lists, spend quality time with family and friends, and relax. 

There are challenges to being a first-year college student. One of the biggest is figuring out how to manage your time. Time management is a skill you will need to learn to succeed in college and finish your school assignments on time. After all, being the best essay writer or paper helper in your class requires a lot of time.

Excellent time management will also help you in your career. So here are 7 tips to help you manage your time well.

Identify All Your Time Wasters

When you are overwhelmed by your workload and hire a college admission essay writing service to help you meet the deadline, it is understandable. Most times, though, college students fail to meet deadlines because of poor time management and time wasters. The latter is anything that steals your attention from completing a task, including social media, streaming platforms, visits with friends, etc.

Identifying all the current time wasters before starting your study session is prudent. Once you know what they are, you could proceed to set tasks and cut down on the time you spend wasting.

Purchase a Planner

A good planner is an excellent time management tool. When you make entries of engagements in it, you can see what is coming up and plan your time accordingly. For instance, if you have a test the next day, you’ll know to prioritize it.

So if you also have a presentation for a class and haven’t prepared your essay yet, you can delegate your work to an essay writer from EssayService and focus more on your upcoming assessment. To learn more about this writing platform, you can check this EssayService review. Make sure to fill in all important deadlines, meetings, and other appointments so you can budget your time around them.

Come Up with a Clear Schedule

When you have a planner, you’ll get better results by combining it with a schedule. This approach allows you to use your time more productively. The plan will help you determine which tasks are more critical and must be done first.

You could also set deadlines for each goal to hold yourself accountable. When you have all your important dates noted down, it is easier to remember and stick to them.

Utilize Your “Dead Time” Well

You will always have periods between your classes or while you are waiting for a friend with whom you are supposed to have a group discussion. These periods are referred to as “dead time.” Instead of going through your social media feed or gaming on your phone, utilize this time to complete some tasks.

For example, you could quickly study and revise for an upcoming test or work on a presentation you’re supposed to submit in a few days. Sharpening your essay-writing skills during this time will also help you become an excellent essay writer.

If you have some extra time, you can also take advantage of it and relax or recharge. 

Set Priorities

There will always be more tasks you need to complete than there is time to do them. That is why it is critical to set priorities and determine what tasks are more critical. Some tasks could be required to pass a class, while others might not be as necessary. Ensure that you complete the urgent tasks before starting on to the less important ones.

If you struggle to figure out what tasks are more critical, you could always consult your professor or seek help from a friend.

Take Breaks

Contrary to what many believe, taking breaks can aid in increasing productivity. Taking a break allows your brain the chance to rest and recharge. 

Sometimes after a busy week, you could take the weekend off to recharge and hire a cheap essay writer from a reputable service to help you write that paper. During the week, make sure to take a few minutes every couple of hours or so to take a walk, have a snack, or relax. 

You could also use this time to socialize with classmates and friends. Remember not to overdo it and end up using all your time.

Delegate Tasks and Assignments

There will always be some tasks you can’t do alone, or someone else could do them better than you. In such cases, delegating these tasks to someone else is best. This way, you can focus on the tasks you are better suited for and leave the others to someone else.

Let’s say writing essays is not your cup of tea. You could always hire an essay writer online to help you with your assignments. Similarly, if you’re not good at giving presentations, consider asking a friend who is better at it to help you.


Time management is an important skill to possess in college. By following the seven tips above, you can be sure to make the most of your time and increase productivity. Remember to be consistent with your efforts, and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

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