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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Even higher temps to follow record-breaking heat

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Staff graphic from NOAA satellite

Saturday’s temperatures were the highest so far this year, reaching 40.4C / 104.7F at the Mérida Meteorological Observatory. Waiting for a break after sunset didn’t help much. Comfortable weather didn’t come until around midnight.

It was the hottest day of the year, according to Meteorología Yucatán.

The town of Maní, 100 kilometers to the south south-east of Merida, somehow suffered under the most intense heat in Yucatan, reaching 44C / 111F by mid afternoon.

And it gets worse.

Merida and interior localities are forecast to reach nearly 42C / 108F next weekend. Beach communities will be cooler, reaching a more bearable 37C / 98.6F.

Heat records started breaking Friday when CONAGUA registered 42C / 108F in Motul and 41C / 105.8F in Oxkutzcab, according to Juan Antonio Palma Solís, head of Meteored in Mexico.

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