Evolución Animal offers a colorful calendar to brighten 2021

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  • Evolución’s 2021 calendar has gone to press, raising funds for sheltered dogs and cats in Yucatan. Photo: Evolución Animal AC

They must have known that 2020 would set us up in the mood for something cheerful.

The 2021 Evolución Animal AC calendar, which raises money for the well-established dog and cat shelter, is filled with bright colors and scenarios that will bring smiles.

It helped that Evolución’s calendar subjects are very photogenic and love the camera. The camera loved them back for this project.

After 2020’s handsome, deeply felt monochrome portraits, photographer Carlos Ocampo again volunteered his talents to capture vivid hues and cheerful vignettes in a series of studio portraits. The rest of the creative team behind the expertly designed calendar consisted of Jane Clarkson, Patricia Holland and Laurel Emery.

Each month was sponsored by a local business (we’re proud that YEL took the December page). It’s money well spent.

Evolución survives entirely on donations and uses its revenue to supply food and medical care to more than 500 occupants — dogs, cats and a pig named Dory — at its no-kill shelter. In the past six years, the organization has flown 300 rescue dogs to Canada where adoptions had been arranged.

Pre-order (150 pesos each) by contacting patintheyucatan@gmail.com. Store locations will be announced soon.

From 2015: Javier steals the show at Evolución’s press conference

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