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Expat voters from Canada gear up for rules change

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks in an election rally in Brampton,Canada, on Thursday. Photo: Arindam Shivaani / NurPhoto via Getty Images

The rules have changed for Canadians living abroad. Expats can now vote in the federal election no matter how long they’ve been away.

While many people are brushing up on their knowledge of party leaders and local MP candidates, many living abroad say it can be tough to follow Canadian politics outside the country, reports 660 News.

Some Canadians living in the U.S. say most Americans don’t even know there’s an election going on in the Great White North. The likely holds true in other countries where foreigners gather.

“The certain key incidents like the blackface and what not got a ton of exposure, but outside of that, there’s not a whole lot,” Luke Schaab, who is originally from Calgary, told NEWS 1130 in a phone call from Texas.

“The scandal with the prime minister and the blackface and brownface photos is far more famous than the fact that an election is happening,” Curtis Duggan, who now calls New York City home, adds.

He notes the leader of the NDP is also getting some attention — among those who are aware of the election.

“I spoke to some Americans who are of Sikh and Punjabi descent who are excited about and aware of Jagmeet Singh,” Duggan says.

Voting made ‘easy’

Ballots from expat voters need to arrive in Ottawa before 6 p.m. EST on election day, which is Monday, Oct. 21.

Before changes were made, Canadians who had lived out of the country for more than five years were not eligible to cast a ballot.

To vote from abroad, register on the International Register of Electors and provide appropriate documentation establishing their citizenship. If they’re not registered to vote, they will have to apply online or send in an application form to Election Canada by mail or fax.

Source: 660 News

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