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Expect a big, colorful crowd for Mérida’s 2022 Pride march

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Mérida Pride at the Plaza Grande in 2019. Photo: Mark Callum

Wigs may droop and sequins may tarnish. But Mérida’s first full-force Pride celebration is going full-steam ahead, no matter what the weather forecast threatens.

Like with many activities shut down when the pandemic arrived in 2019, the Marcha de la Diversidad Sexual — or Pride Mérida, as it is known this year — is expected to draw 10,000 participants, double the size of the previous crowd.

Mérida Pride on the Turibus in 2019. Photo: Mark Callum

From 2019: Pride march brings out the LGBTQ+ community and its allies

Gay bars such as Banana’s Club in the south and a newcomer, Dix in Santa Lucia, have after-parties with drag shows and deejays to keep the parties going.

The march kicks off at 3 p.m. Saturday by the Monumento a la Patria, winding down the Paseo de Montejo to Calle 63 at the Plaza Grande.

Mérida Pride at the Plaza Grande in 2019. Photo: Mark Callum

On the guest list are: Alexandra Stand, Tara McDonald, La Saga’s Adela Micha, Romi Marcos, Manelyk Gonzalez, Trixie Star, Kunno, Karime Pridnter, Daniel Fraga, Caeli, Allen King, Pol Prince, Daniel Vargas, Lorena Herrera, Wendy Guevara and Kimberly from “The Lost,” cast members from “La Más Draga” — Yari Mejia, Leandra Rose, Giorgiana, C-pher and the producers Bruno Olvez and Carlo Villarreal.

The Weather Channel predicts “scattered thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread in the afternoon.” But anyone who’s been in Mérida long enough knows not to schedule anything around the weather report.

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