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Expect more flower paths in the future

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50,000 visitors in two weeks have spurred the city to create encore exhibits of the Camino de Flores in Merida. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Mérida, Yucatán — Already extended for a third week, the seeds have been planted to repeat and expand the wildly popular Camino de Flores.

In two weeks, 50,000 people came to see a creative presentation of 50,000 plants that carpet the road that runs alongside Parque de Mejorada’s west flank. 

So now the city has announced that Meridanos can expect an encore performance next year, with more activities and perhaps at other parks. 

Camino de Flores in Merida. Photo: Ayuntamiento

The Sunday BiciRuta, or Sunday-morning community bike ride, will has re-routed to lead participants to the installation. This coming Easter Sunday will be the final day for the Camino de Flores.

According to the authorities, up to 3,000 visitors have visited daily and 10,000 on weekends.

The Camino de Flores is at Calle 50-A at 57, where a ramp allows visitor access. Electronic screens promote care for the environment, the strategies implemented by the Ayuntamiento against climate change and the attractions of the ecotourism routes of Xcunyá, an alternative tourism program.

The exhibit is dominiated, however, by decorative arrangements of yellow and orange Mexican marigold, chrysanthemums in various colors, clavelina flower for pinks and fushas, petunia for their purples and alyssum for the white background.

At the southern tip of the camino are 2-meter-high topiary of six endemic birds: hummingbird, cardinal, thó, the Yucatán parrot, chara and woodpecker, as well as bees, butterflies and a dragonfly.

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