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Expo: The business side of weddings

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Photo: Fer Juaristi
Photo: Fer Juaristi

Mérida, Yucatán — Southeast Mexico is increasingly a favorite wedding destination, and an upcoming conference at Siglo XXI wants to help businesses build on that fact.

The Congreso Latinoamericano de Bodas y Eventos Especiales (Weddings and Special Events) will gather more than 700 industry professionals July 21 to 23. Wedding planners, travel agencies and lecturers from more than 15 countries will be on hand.

Advice on everything from pricing to body language is on the agenda. How to advise a bride, and how to close a deal, will be discussed.  “Macro trends in weddings, what your customers look for in 2016-2017,” is the title of one seminar.

“The business opportunity of Yucatanas a tourism destination for weddings and romance” by Kitzia Morale, a leading expert on romance tourism in Mexico, is a highlight of the conference.

Although many of the speakers are from English-speaking countries, all non-Spanish-language seminars will be translated simultaneously.

The registration fee to participate in the event is 430 pesos. More information here.

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