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Birthplace of famous ‘Huevos Motuleños’ gets ready for fair

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Huevos Motuleños combine fried eggs, beans, plantains, peas, tortillas and a thin salsa. Photo: File

Motul, Yucatán — The 2018 Gastronomic Festival of the Huevo Motuleño will take place July 14-15 in the city’s civic plaza.

Food stalls will offer their versions of the traditional Motuleño egg dish, and live music, dance and comedy shows will be performed, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

TV’s Rick Bayless describes Huevos Motuleños as a layered “short stack” of Mexican breakfast favorites — including fried eggs, chorizo, cheese, peas, beans, plantains, cilantro and salsa — piled on a tortilla.

This is the third year Motul has honored its most famous culinary creation with a festival.

“Last year, it exceeded the municipality’s expectations. It was a single day and more than 15,000 people arrived, so in these two days we expect about 20,000,” said Angel Chan, Motul’s social communications coordinator.

Although the stalls are concentrated in the square, restaurants and bars will also be included. The dish will cost approximately 60 pesos.

Historic Motul is minutes from Mérida, heading out Avenida Yucatán.

With information from La Jornada Maya

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