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Fake Christmas expo advertised on cloned Siglo XXI Facebook page

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The fake Facebook page

The fake page has about a dozen likes. The real page has more than 35,000.

That’s the fastest way to figure out if you’re looking at the official Facebook page for the Centro Convenciones Yucatán Siglo XXI.

Cultur, the state tourist board, reported the fraud and urged citizens not to fall for the deception “made by ill-intentioned people.”

The fake Facebook page advertised a phony three-day Christmas expo and attempted to sell booths for 2,500 pesos.

“Only 10 places left,” the fraudster said.

As of Thursday evening, the fraudulent page was still on Facebook. It was not clear if Cultur appealed to the social media platform to remove it.

The state agency has indicated that this information is completely false, since no event is taking place at the facilities of the Siglo XXI Convention Center due to its remodeling.

The real page is here. We won’t provide a link to the clone, but as of today it’s easily found on a Facebook search.

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