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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Festival celebrates sustainable cenote diving and Yucatan communities

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A new three-day diving event that promotes cenote conservation and respect for surrounding communities begins Friday in Tekit.

In a press conference, reporters learned that the project that emerged several months ago with the intention of sending a message of conservation and community visibility.

The festival begins Friday, Nov. 15, said Antonio Ceballos Uc, organizer of the event. Issues that will be addressed over the long weekend include sustainable development, community participation and a cooperative economy.

Dozens of divers will arrive in Tekit, but also tour the town to acquire products, such as traditional guayaberas.

Tekit Mayor José Armando Medina Koh called the event a watershed for the municipality, since it will share with tourists a “taste” of the more than 150 cenotes, of which six were chosen for dives.

Participants will have the option of taking scuba lessons, or diving right in.

Academics and diving experts will give free lectures on the importance of caring for and preserving the cenotes, as they represent an invaluable cultural and anthropological richness.

Source: Sipse

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