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Fewer infections and deaths in Monday report; policeman with COVID-19 dies

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Yucatan state police officer Alberto Herrera Yama died after battling COVID-19, health officials announced Monday. He was among 68 fatalities in 24 hours. Photo: SSP

Both infections and deaths dropped Monday, but evidence surfaced that the coronavirus has spread to new territory.

Yucatan health officials reported 36 new cases and two deaths, a break from a three-day string of six deaths every 24 hours. Fifty-three patients recovered from COVID-19.

Of the new cases, 20 were in Mérida, three in Tekax and Umán, two in Kanasín, and one each in Dzoncauich — which had previously had been COVID-19-free — as well as Hocabá, Izamal, Ticul, Tixkokob, Valladolid, Yaxkukul. A new case not connected to a local municipality was also disclosed.

In total, there have been 1,536 positive cases in Yucatan, of which 1,016 (66%) recovered. Deaths have risen to 153.

A 41-year-old in Kanasín man, who suffered from obesity, and a Merida man, 65, with hypertension and obesity, both perished.

Of the total number of positive cases, 223 remain isolated at home with mild symptoms, and 144 are hospitalized, one more than Sunday.

Among the weekend’s deaths was a state police officer, the second on the force to die of COVID-19.

Officer Alberto Herrera Yama’s passing follows that of Modesto Bacab Simá on April 27.

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