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Fiesta de la Música carries on a French tradition in Merida

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Electro pop-rock group Fergessen will perform in Merida’s music festival. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — Thirty-three free concerts, representing a variety of musical genres, begin today during the Alianza Francesa de Mérida’s eighth edition of the Fiesta de la Música.

The festival is Friday and Saturday at seven citywide venues. The complete schedule is on the French Alliance’s Facebook page.

The festival is modeled on France’s traditional Fête de la Musique, which has been going on for 38 years.

Merida’s music festival will include 28 musical groups, said Alexandre Guillochon and Mario Ancona Teigell, director and board president of the Alliance Française de Mérida, respectively.

In the meeting with the media, Guillochon said that the Fête de la Musique is one of the most iconic events in French cultural life; Merida’s version is happening at the same time as France’s.

“The goal is to promote and encourage the practice of music, more than anything from amateurs and not just professionals,” said Guillochon.

Performances will be held at venues that include the Centro de Artes Visuales, Palacio Canton and Santa Lucia park.

Among the musicians that will take part in this edition are RC Acustic, which will open the festival at noon at Bistro Cultural; Nos Somos Eles, Efrén Díaz Valadez, Beat 9, Dj Loup, Son Uno, Cedemus, Genodia, Las Goldman, Los Cawabonga y los Bohémikos, Hidróxido, Los Micos, Diux Band and Amaury León.

On Saturday night, Los Viajeros, Eduardo Villafaña, Purulo, Walo Concha, Los Primos, Docis Mérida, Fenrie, Les Potes, Catarsis Colectiva, Feed Back, Corvus, Percebes and Fergessen perform at Parque Santa Lucia.

Mario Ancona Teigell said that the idea of ​​the music festival is to carry out activities on the streets that unite everyone with a “universal language.”

In the press conference were Paola Guzmán Argáez, the city’s deputy director of cultural innovation; Juan Carlos Cervera, head of the Sedeculta music department; and Bernardo Sarvide Primo, director of the Palacio Cantón museum, which is participating for the first time in this event.

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