Fines await grinches who withheld Christmas bonuses

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Factory workers assemble apparel in Yucatan. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — Companies that did not hand out Christmas bonuses last month face fines exceeding $400,000 pesos.

In Mexico, bonuses aren’t given because the boss gets caught up in the Christmas spirit. They are codified under federal labor law.

Employees are entitled to receive 15 days’ pay for the holiday. The amount is prorated for employees who haven’t worked the entire year. The bonus is due Dec. 20.

The government enforces the law, hoping that bonuses will stimulate the end-of-year economy.

A federal labor agency tracks complaints through February, but possibly until May investigators are backlogged.

Workers who did not receive their bonus have one year to file a complaint for non-payment.

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