Floods linger days after storms passed through

'Unprecedented' events as water tables rise above sea level

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The La Ceiba golf course and its adjacent homes experienced flooding that lasted well after the storms moved on. Photo: Yucatan Times

Gamma and Delta are in our rearview mirror. But parts of Yucatan are still underwater after the heavy rainfalls they brought.

The hotel zone’s largest intersection, the Monumento a la Patria roundabout, La Ceiba’s golf course, the Las Americas development and countless other homes and patios flooded or waterlogged as Merida’s water table rose above sea level. Residents reported mold had accumulated after days of unrelenting rain and humidity.

The Paseo de Montejo’s underpass also flooded and was shut down for the second time this year when the cenote below it overflowed. A block-long pool of crystalline water now sits in the middle of the “paso deprimido.”

The huge puddles outside the Fiesta America and Hyatt were not so pristine, smelling of septic waste.

Mayor Renan Barrera called the events unprecedented.

A tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea could bring yet more rain Tuesday, forecasters said.

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