Flour mill opens, sees Mérida-Progreso highway as strategic location

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A new industrial flour mill in San Ignacio will serve the region from Tabasco to Quintana Roo.

San Ignacio, Yucatán — A St. Louis-based company invited Yucatán’s governor to cut the ribbon on a high-tech, high-volume wheat mill in a comisería between Progreso and Mérida.

Bunge North America’s Del Mayab mill is in a strategic location for serving key customers in southeast Mexico. Wheat brought in through the nearby port can easily be delivered to the mill and the flour produced can be efficiently exported to other countries in Latin America.

Its 12 silos have a storage capacity of 41,000 tons.

“The location and design of this mill allow us to create a world-class operation with a strong local presence,” said Daniel Maldonado, managing director for Mexico.

The company’s network of wheat mills in Mexico provides bakers and families flour brands including Espiga, Escudo Plus and Villa Rica.

The Del Mayab mill will also sell in bulk and bags to smaller customers in Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Tabasco. This region is home to 10 percent of Mexico’s population and is growing faster than any other area of Mexico.

The facility will sell flours in bulk and in bags to serve both large food companies and small bakeries. It employs nearly 50 workers and generates additional economic benefits for the region.

The plant is at the junction of the road to Dzidzilché of the Mérida-Progreso highway.

Parent company Bunge Limited is in over 40 countries with approximately 32,000 employees. Founded in 1818, the company is headquartered in White Plains, N.Y.

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