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For honored Nobel guests in Merida, better street lighting

Officials are eager to make a good impression before international dignitaries

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The hotel zone in Merida. Photo: Internet

Merida, Yucatan — The upcoming Nobel Prize Summit has city officials budgeting for better street lighting in the hotel zone.

The world summit, which previously has been held in cities like Paris and Berlin, will bring dozens of world leaders to Yucatan Sept. 19-22, and local officials are eager to make a good impression.

Honored guests will include the former presidents of Colombia, Poland and South Africa, as well as Lord David Trimble from Northern Ireland, all Nobel Prize laureates.

Over 35,000 visitors are expected, with the event pumping 80 million pesos into the economy. The summit will give the region free publicity that could have cost US$20 million, according to local media.

“The Paseo de Montejo as such is well lit, but we must see how the part that borders the hotels is,” said Mayor Renan Barrera.

The Itzimna area, just to the north, will also benefit from the lighting plan. Trees, which have grown during rainy season and have begun to shroud the street lights, will be trimmed. New lights will be installed where the city deems necessary.

Source: Punto Medio

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