For Mérida Noche Blanca 2023, SoHo Galleries is front and center

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La Noche Blanca 2022 at SoHo Galleries. Photo: Yucatán Magazine

Everyone’s welcome to grab a brush at SoHo Galleries for Mérida’s Noche Blanca art exhibition

Noche Blanca is back Saturday, May 13, which is another challenge for SoHo Galleries to create a program that not only showcases artists from around the globe but also opens up a space for the public to participate.

Looks like they have done it again! This upcoming Noche Blanca will be the most dynamic ever, says Adele Aguire, the gallery’s owner and curator. Indeed, SoHo has planned a full night of events. 

The evening is a collaboration with FabLab, a local nongovernmental organization devoted to creating art from recycled plastic.

Beautiful art from recycled products is the theme of SoHo Galleries’ exhibit at Noche Blanca 2023.

The street in front of the gallery will be set up for everyone to participate in various workshops with FabLab and six of SoHo galleries’ artists in creating art from recycled materials. 

The evening starts at 8:30 with an inauguration and ribbon ceremony featuring singer Lea Garza, a 14-year-old musical prodigy.

From 9 p.m. to midnight, after the city shuts down Calle 60 to traffic, the public will be creating art on the streets from recycled materials. In addition to the exhibition in SoHo, there promises to be music, drinks, botanas and lots of fun.

Artists featured in the exhibit are Laura Bueno (CDMX), Otón Rivera (Durango), Victor Dávalos (CDMX), Layda Rodriguez (Yucatán), Rafa Heredia-Abuxapqui (Yucatán), Sandra Dooley (Cuba), Tamara Simón (Yucatán), JAAR (CDMX), Ihovany Abreu (Cuba), Luca de Pravato (Italy). 

“Feel free to come by anytime during the night,” says Adele. 


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