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For Picasso exhibit in Merida, high security

Visitors will pass through body scanners before seeing much-awaited exhibit

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Pablo Picasso’s “Tricornio” collection was previous on view in Spain. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — When the much-anticipated Picasso exhibit opens Saturday at the Olimpo, his priceless works will be protected by major security measures.

Anyone visiting “Picasso, Genius of the Arts” will likely encounter a body scanner and present ID before getting to see 100 of the late artist’s works, never before seen by the general public.

Only then will the public gain entry to four exhibition rooms containing a collection specially curated by Óscar Carrascosa for the Olimpo.

The works on display were procured from various private collections in Italy and Spain.

“In this collection you can see how his style evolved from ink and pencil sketches to different painting techniques and use of colors, to etchings and lithographic works to the cubism paintings that made Picasso one of the greatest and most important plastic artists of all time,” said Irving Berlin Villafaña, the city’s cultural director.

The show, mounted for the city’s Noche Blanca celebration, will be on view until March.

Pablo Picasso’s works arrived by air Monday and were stored in customs offices until they were delivered to the City Council on Tuesday, and then locked away at the Olimpo Cultural Center.

Visitors will not be allowed to carry bags or backpacks, bring in food or drinks or take photos.

The show includes Pablo Picasso’s “Tricornio” collection, which includes 33 works made between 1918 and 1920. Other groupings represent the Spaniard’s artistic output in the 1930s, ’40s and in 1957. This is the exhibit’s first viewing in Mexico.

Meanwhile, 300 cultural activities will be held throughout the Centro, on Friday and Saturday. Forty art galleries and 11 museums will participate, and live music will be heard from 100 small stages placed at various locations.

A full, interactive schedule has been posted here.

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