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Foreigners in Yucatán, by the numbers

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Country Towers in Mérida’s north is popular with people from outside Yucatán. Photo: Yucatanforsale.com

Mérida, Yucatán — Of the state’s 2 million inhabitants, 3,200 of them are from the United States and 409 are from Canada, according to the 2017 Yearbook from the National Population Council.

Another 5,500 foreigners also reside in Yucatán, with the largest group coming from Cuba (13.4 percent), followed by Guatemala (8.1 percent), Canada (7.4 percent), Italy (6.8 percent) and Colombia (6.7 percent).

The state also has 181,000 “migrants” from other parts of Mexico, particularly Mexico City, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Veracruz — in that order.

The report also monitors remittances, finding that most funds from family members in U.S. goes to Mérida, followed by Oxkutzcab, Tekax, Ticul and Peto. The Yucatecan capital received a combined financial injection of US$53.2 million last year.

The study reports that Yucatecan migrants who crossed the U.S. border mainly reside in California, Oregon, Texas, Colorado and Washington, D.C., and are mainly from Mérida, Oxkutzcab, Peto, Muna and Tekax.

In the last six years, remittances from the U.S. have increased despite fewer Yucatecans leaving their homeland in search of the “American dream,” the yearbook states.

Source: Sipse

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