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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Four businesses shut down for not following COVID-19 guidelines

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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Among the Mérida businesses shut down is a branch of the Starbucks coffee chain. Photo: File

Authorities in Yucatán shut down three businesses in Mérida and another in Chabihau for not following COVID-19 health protocols.

Government inspectors placed closure notices on the front doors of the establishments and notified administrators that they could be liable for fines of up to 18,000 pesos. 

The sanctions came after inspectors found the business to be in violation of guidelines such as not maintaining social distancing and failing to limit the number of customers inside each establishment.

The affected businesses in Mérida include Mi Viejo Molino restaurant in Plaza Dorada, the retail store Mumuso at the La Isla mall and a Starbucks coffee shop in the same shopping complex, as well as El Puente, a restaurant in coastal Chabihau.

The closure of businesses in Mérida by government authorities during the pandemic is nothing new, as for over a year now inspectors have been making the rounds and enforcing the rules. 

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Over the last month, a noticeably sharp increase in activity has been apparent in the city’s shopping malls, restaurants and some entertainment venues. However, many well-established businesses have not been able to easily transition to “the new normal.” 

For example, the movie theater chain Cinemex has had little luck in luring viewers to its online platform and has closed dozens of locations all over Mexico, including locations in Gallerias Shopping Mall and in Santiago.

The Cinemex in Gallerias Shopping Mall remains closed. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Many smaller restaurants in the city have been forced to shut down, as their small size has made complying with social distancing norms impossible. Pizzeria Vito Corleone, a downtown staple for decades, was forced to shut down and move to a location in the north of the city.

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