Free-for-all after soda truck overturns on Mérida-Cancun highway

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A Coca-Cola trucks spills its cargo on the Mérida-Cancun highway, and its contents were quickly scooped up by others. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

A Coca-Cola truck overturned on the Mérida-Cancun federal toll road, spilling hundreds of bottles of soft drinks across the highway.

That was enough to attract an opportunistic crowd eager to bring home free refrescos.

The driver, who was headed toward Cancun, told police he swerved at kilometer 60 to avoid another truck.

Xocchel Municipal Police arrived at the scene but could do nothing to stop the crowd the mishap attracted. They were seen scooping up bottles of soda and taking them away. After that, they vandalized the truck — ripping the canvas roof — and took some contents that had remained inside.

The soda distributer sent another truck to reclaim what was left of the coveted cargo.

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