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The Chichén Itzá  light show, which debuted in December, will be free through Aug. 31, 2015.
The new Chichén Itzá light show opened in December.

The spectacular Las Noches de Kukulcán show at Chichén Itzá will be free for another month — but no longer. That’s what we said back in July, repeating an announcement from the governmental tourist bureau Cultur.

In December last year, the sound and light show was massively upgraded with modern technology that used high-definition images and bombastic sound. The government said tickets to the show would be free until June 30. It was such a smash, the government extended the offer another month. Then they extended the offer “one more time,” with the understanding that in the fall, tickets would be sold for an undisclosed amount.

Now, Cultur announced the show will be free until sometime in January 2016,  a little more than a year after its unveiling. Eventual pricing still hasn’t been announced. There are fees for foreign and national visitors to enter the park without admission to the show: 210 pesos for foreigners, 147 pesos Mexican nationals. and free for children under 13, seniors with a valid INAPAM card, and for Mexican nationals on Sundays. Parking is 22 pesos.

About 75 miles from Mérida, Chichén Itzá’s ruins are over 1,500 years old. The Kukulcán pyramid, also known as “El Castillo” (the castle), is one of the country’s most visited tourist sites and is among the new Seven Wonders of the World, determined in 2007.

Read about the light show here.

If available (and they often are not), free tickets to the light show can be obtained at the box office of the Teatro Jose Peon Contreras, in the Government Palace or at the box offices of the cinemas of the Convention Center Siglo XXI, or at

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