Game show fail: Not choosing Yucatán cost this woman £93,000

A wrong answer about the Yucatán Peninsula's channel cost a game show contestant a ton of money. Photo: ITV
A wrong answer about the Yucatán Peninsula’s channel cost a game show contestant a ton of money. Photo: ITV

“What body of water connects the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea?”

The wrong answer cost a contestant on the British “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” £93,000 because she didn’t know a simple question about the Yucatán Peninsula.

Sarah Knapper even used the “phone a friend” lifeline and was told the incorrect answer. If she had gotten the answer correct, she was on her way to winning £250,000 or nearly US$350,000 or 7 million pesos.

Credit: ITV
Photo: ITV

The options were: A) Windward Passage, B) Yucatán Channel C) San Bernardino Strait and D) Bay of Campeche.

Her friend Barbara advised it was Windward Passage, which is actually a strait between Cuba and Hispaniola.

We all know, of course, that the correct answer is Yucatán Channel. We did all know that, right?

Credit: ITV
Photo: ITV

Not all was lost — she still walked away with £32,000.

The episode, which first aired in August 2019, was part of a replay that aired Tuesday.

She was a good sport, however. She allowed that after an hour’s play, she was at least £32,000 richer than she had been before appearing on the show.

Source: Liverpool Echo

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