Get ready for a week of wacky weather in Yucatán

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A cold front approaches the Yucatán Peninsula at noon Monday, as seen in this AccuWeather satellite image.

The weather this week will be changeable, and clouds are already rolling in.

This is actually typical of February in Yucatán. A new cold front has started to enter the area, and will generate scattered storms and a moderate “norte” event with maximum winds up to 55 kilometers per hour / 35 miles per hour, warns meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma Solís at Meteored.mx.

Temperatures will lower gradually to around 15 C / 59 F.

By the middle of the week, winds will change to the south-southeast, for a “surada” event with high winds and a rapid rise in temperatures. Highs could reach 35 C / 95 F.

Then on Thursday, another cold front will arrive with much more force than the previous one. Rains will return with winds up to 70 kph / 44 mph.

Such a dramatic change in temperatures could be dangerous to people with poor respiratory systems, said Palma. Nighttime lows could reach 10 C / 50 F in central and southern Yucatán, eastern Campeche and western Quintana Roo.


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