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Girls pawn their house to pay for mother’s funeral

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Social media helped attract attention to the young sisters who sold their home to pay for their mother’s funeral. Photo: Courtesy

After losing their mother, two young girls in Tizimín pawned their house to send her off with a proper funeral. Soon after, a community effort got them their home back.

Valeria and Lizbeth CM sold off the title of their home in a drastic move to bury their mother with dignity.

The story echoed on social networks thanks to the efforts of Diego JM Turriza, a local man who is organizing a fundraising effort to get their home back.

In addition, Turriza also managed to raise enough money for Valeria’s 13th birthday on Tuesday. Her little sister is 10.

“We made it, friends,” Turriza said on Facebook. “I cannot express so much joy in my heart.”

Donations are still being accepted for food, clothes and everyday expenses. Contact Turriza to help.

The girls are under the care of their grandmother, “but now we all became their godparent,” said Turriza.

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