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Government aid helps small farmers thrive in Yucatan

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Young crops are protected with netting provided by government agencies. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — The Ministry of Rural Development (Seder) invested 36 million pesos for the benefit of small farmers, reported agency chief Jorge Díaz Loeza.

Most of the funding, 28.2 million pesos, is from the federal government.

He pointed out that 87 percent of all beneficiaries received this support for the first time under the new Desarrollo Rural, or Rural Development plan.

At 3.1%, Yucatan ranks third in Mexico for agricultural growth. That makes it attractive to investors and generates job, said Díaz Loeza.

“Yucatan occupies the highest place at the national level in business confidence since it is considered as the safest state in the country and with the best government,” he said.

Given the multiple demand of farmers, Díaz Loeza said that Seder also manages the recalibration of power lines and harvest roads, as well as the rehabilitation and construction of agricultural irrigation areas.

He explained that a program for the planting of chile and vegetables has been defined through a protected agriculture plan, which will be announced shortly.

Mexico generates more than 30 million annual wages of vegetables and has been sent to 14 countries for three years.

“The greatest demand in the vegetable market is the habanero, jalapeño, poblano and serrano peppers,” he said.

Source: Desde El Balcón

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