Great news for music enthusiasts: Santa Lucia Serenades To Return In October

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Although the COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamic for a while, traditional serenades in Santa Lucía park may start again the following month. 

Serenades in the Santa Lucía park have been happening every Thursday evening for over five decades. Photo: Courtesy

Irving Berlin Villafaña, director of culture for Mérida, informed that the official date for the return of the musical tradition is already under discussion. 

“We think that the serenades are learning the necessary measurements very quickly to be able to open this show,” says Irving, “which is one of the favorites of both Yucatecans, as well as national and foreign tourism.” 

The stage for the serenades is also occupied by adjacent restaurants. Photo: Verónica Garibay

The decision will depend on the COVID-19 numbers of the state, which have been positively decreasing over the past few weeks. Just yesterday, governor Mauricio Vila announced that mobility restrictions will be lifted starting October 4, an encouraging measure for businesses around the city.

Berlin Villafaña says that state government officials are hopeful that the event, which has been held for more than five decades, will be returning soon. 

The bleachers for the public to enjoy the serenades. Photo: Verónica Garibay

The stage in which the serenatas take place is located in an open area, but the municipality is currently working on determining the protocols for a safe return.

In the 20th century, the park became a space to honor musicians and composers dedicated to Yucatecan Trova. Since 1965, on Thursdays, a corner of the park is transformed into a stage for traditional Yucatecan serenades.

The park is considered to be the “altar for the Yucatecan trova.” Photo: Verónica Garibay

For many years the Orquesta Típica Yucalpetén performed here, alternating with trios, performers, composers, and also with the Rondalla Universitaria of the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, among many others.

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