Grid overloaded, power cut briefly in Centro

Traffic signals go dark when power is cut in the Centro. Photo: Sipse

Mérida Yucatán — As if Monday mornings aren’t tough enough, power went out for about a half an hour in the blocks surrounding the main square.

After intermittent outages, the power was deliberately cut at 10:18 a.m. when the electrical grid began to show signs of overloading, said CFE spokeswoman Laura Estrada Loría.

The power cut hit at the heart of the Centro Histórico.

The IMSS Regional Hospital No. 1, and city and state headquarters, were among the buildings affected. Vendors at Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets feared losing business and inventory when cookers and refrigerators stopped working.

Police directed traffic when dozens of traffic lights went dark.

The CFE reported that a “hot spot” was detected in the power transmission line from the Nachi Cocom substation to the Centro substation. Cutting the power allowed technicians to correct the problem.

Dozens of shops and banks were also affected when computers and air conditioning went down. Opening doors for ventilation helped matters very little on a morning with no breeze.

Source: Sipse

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