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Harvey appears ready to skirt Peninsula by Wednesday

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A Weather Channel map predicts Tropical Storm Harvey’s path.

Weather forecasters are publishing maps showing Tropical Storm Harvey traveling through the southern Yucatán Peninsula.

But that’s not the most likely path of this would-be hurricane. According to KPLC Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton, that’s just one computer model. And it’s more likely to weaken and head through Central America.

KPLC, Channel 7 in Southwest Louisiana, which like Yucatán, keeps a watchful eye on storm systems that aim toward the Gulf of Mexico.

The eighth named tropical storm, Harvey is located about 200 miles east of Barbados with winds of 40 mph and is likely to strengthen.  Harvey is moving west and will move through the Lesser Antilles and into the Caribbean Sea today (Friday).

Through Sunday, Harvey will continue moving toward the central Caribbean Sea, but beyond that the forecast is much more uncertain, Hampton said.

If the track shifts farther north it could land near the Gulf of Mexico.

“We have several days to monitor Harvey and hopefully the computer models will reach a consensus with time on whether or not it survives the trip across the Caribbean Sea,” said Hampton.

Way out in the ocean, two other weather systems are forming with the potential of becoming the next named storms: Irma and José.

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