Health warning as temperatures surge this weekend

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Fans for sale on the streets are a little more tempting this weekend. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — This weekend’s high temperatures come with a doctor’s warning.

Among the groups at risk are diabetes patients because heat and resulting dehydration increase the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Milenio Novedades said this could be the hottest weekend so far this year. Highs of 103F/39C are in the forecast. In the south of the state, highs may reach an unthinkable 113F/45C.

April and May are Yucatán’s hottest months, and we’re only one week into April.

This is especially dangerous for the elderly or anyone with Type 2 diabetes. Dehydration could result in a diabetic coma, a serious turn of events, explained Raymundo Alvidres Quijano, head of the diabetes program at an IMSS clinic.

In March, over 1,200 new cases of Type 2 diabetes were diagnosed in Mérida alone.

The doctor added that even when diabetic patients don’t feel thirsty, they need to drink at least two liters of water a day. That’s roughly eight eight-ounce glasses every day.

Sports drinks with electrolytes are also helpful, but plain water is perfectly fine.

He indicated that in addition to hyperglycemia due to dehydration, excessive heat influences the absorption of insulin, which can affect glucose levels.

“A diabetic person with a good education in the subject will be prepared to adapt to the climatic conditions that occur during the year,” said Alvidres Quijano, who recommended testing glucose levels between two to four times a day, since heat can cause it to fluctuate.

Aside from water, healthy between-meal snacks, especially seasonal fruits, are recommended.

Source: Milenio Novedades

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