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Helicopter arrives to rescue 3 stranded adventurers

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Sisal, Yucatán — State police used a helicopter Wednesday in a search-and-rescue operation when three adventurers were stranded in a nature preserve.

Two Canadians and an Australian were reported missing since Tuesday when their car broke down on a trip from Chuburná Puerto to Sisal.

Police said the group separated, one staying with the car while the other two wandered into El Palmar preserve to look for help.

Despite not knowing enough Spanish or where they were, they managed to make contact with police by cellphone.

From the air, police located the stray tourists, who were about a kilometer from the road. The airborne police then contacted ground personnel to locate them, and landed in a nearby sports field.

After being treated by paramedics for dehydration, the trio was flown to O’Horán Hospital in Mérida for further treatment.

The cost of the rescue was not reported.

Source: Reporteros Hoy

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