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Helmets could slash alarming fatal road accidents

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Motorcycles lead in road fatalities in Yucatán. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — Every day and a half, someone dies on the road in Yucatán. The largest percentage of them involve motorcycles.

This alarming statistic could be cut down dramatically if motorcyclists wore helmets more often, said the leader of the Center for Accident Prevention, René Flores Ayora.

In the first quarter of 2017, the state recorded 50 traffic deaths. Of those, 18 fatalities were motorcyclists, six were bicyclists, 10 were passengers, eight drivers and eight were pedestrians.

Flores Ayora said a campaign to encourage certified motorcycle helmets may avoid future fatalities.

“The use of a certified helmet — with the legend DOT or ECE — prevents deaths or reduces hospital time,” said Flores Ayora in a public statement.

Drunk driving is another villain. Approximately 50 percent of the motorcycle deaths of motorcyclists involved alcohol.


The agency advises motorcyclists to occupy a single lane, to turn on their lights even during the day, to respect speed limits, to invest in a certified helmet and not to drive drunk. 

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