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Hennessy’s Irish Pub’s new trivia nights to help feed Ukrainians

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Hennessy’s Irish Pub in Merida, Yucatán. Photo: Facebook

Hennessy’s Irish Pub is launching 10 weeks of Tuesday Trivia nights to help fund World Central Kitchen and Sean Hennessy needs you to participate to make this happen.

“Our goal is 100,000 pesos over 10 weeks,” said the owner of the popular Irish pub on the Paseo.

Here’s how it works: A team can be one to four players, players can change, and a table costs 1,000 pesos per night or 10,000 for the entire championship.

“My goal is to find 10 people willing to fund a table for the entire championship to make this a success,” said Sean.

If you take an entire table, you do not have to come every week. Just send a team of anybody you choose.

For prizes, Hennessy’s has teamed up with John and Nicole from Delicacies Jewelry, who will be giving away each week a pierogi necklace and a full set of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet for the championship final.

Other local sponsors have agreed to donate prizes, and local business owners can still donate products or services.

Sue and Steve Blair will be the trivia masters and organizers every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. for 10 weeks starting April 12.

“World Central Kitchen is a great charity to get behind and we all need to do much more to ease the suffering in this senseless awful aggression by Russia and Vladimir Putin on the people of Ukraine,” said Sean Hennessy.

World Central Kitchen is a not-for-profit organization founded by celebrity chef José Andrés. Dedicated to providing meals in the midst of a crisis, the non-governmental organization prepared food in Haiti following its 2010 earthquake.

“Insignificant as this is, today is my birthday and I have bought the first table in this championship, so I throw down the gauntlet, come beat Team Hennessy, buy a table and make it a really happy birthday for me, only nine more tables\teams to go. Please PM me or book on 999-509-7089. Please help us make our goal,” said Sean.

The social-minded pub also helps local charities through its Hennessy’s Foundation.

Hennessey’s is launching the Hennessy Foundation and they are doing it in a very special way. All its sales from its busiest day of the year — St. Patrick’s Day — went to the foundation, which in turn distributes 100% of the proceeds to local charities.

Locally sourced gifts such as t-shirts, hats, Yucatán honey, and reading materials, are sold near the entrance and also fund the foundation.

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