Her family recipes from Yucatán, served from food truck in LA

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A Yucatecan native and her husband are opening a food truck in Los Angeles. Photo: Instagram/@gringasla

Los Angeles — Memories of summers in Yucatán have fed a dream to share family recipes prepared in a food truck here.

An eager couple from the city’s Eagle Rock neighborhood is about ready to launch a new food truck that plays off the flavors of Yucatán.

Eater LA reports that co-owners Jeff and Landy Angeli, inspired by quick bites derived from meats roasted on a spit, should have their Mayan Gringas LA truck fully operational by June.

Although she grew up in Eagle Rock, Landy hails from Yucatán, and she has family recipes at her disposal.

As a girl, Landy ate gringas every summer when her family visited Mérida. The regional snack consists of simply marinated spit-roasted meats with a layer of melted cheese on a flour — not corn — tortilla, similar to mulitas found all over Los Angeles.

Their food truck’s menu that showcases pork, chicken, and beef on separate spits.

Gringas is the Angeli’s first food business in Los Angeles, though Jeff has a bit of fine-dining experience from some time spent in Chicago. Landy is a dog trainer and rescuer when not preparing and serving gringas. That’s good news for any four-legged visitors, because they get a free treat when they visit the Mayan Gringas LA truck.

“We enjoy people, and our minimalist approach is pretty simple. Make good food. Treat folks well, and give them a reason to come back,” says Landy.

The Angelis foresee a brick-and-mortar Mayan Gringas LA, in addition to the truck, down the line.

Source: Eater LA

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