Here are Mexico’s 10 cities with the most coronavirus infections

A metro worker gives anti-bacterial liquid to a passenger at the Pantitlan metro station, in Mexico City, Friday, April 17, Authorities announced that starting Friday, it is mandatory to wear a mask when riding trains. Photo: AP / Fernando Llano

Outside Mexico City, these are 10 municipalities in Mexico that exceed 100 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to data released Friday from the federal Health Ministry.

  1. Tijuana: 280
  2. Cancun: 247
  3. Iztapalapa: 212
  4. Cancun: 201
  5. Mexicali: 200
  6. Puebla: 196
  7. Gustavo A Madero: 193
  8. Villahermosa: 156
  9. Miguel Hidalgo: 148
  10. Tlalpan: 134

Yucatan does not break down infection numbers by city, but the entire state has counted 146 cases. The federal government has indicated that cases here were concentrated in Merida, Tizimín, Hunucmá, Ticul, Izamal, Motul, Valladolid, Calotmul, Umán and Kanasín.

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