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Here’s how to make a phone call in Mexico starting Aug. 3

After long phase-in, simplified 10-digit system officially begins

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In another month, using the phone in Mexico will be a little simpler for everybody.

A long-running phase-in is complete Aug. 3, making phone calls within Mexico uniformly 10 digits.

That means no more 01, 044 or 045 prefixes. Only the area code and the local number is needed for either landlines and cellphones. Dialing the 01 for national prefix for long-distance calls or non-geographical numbers such as 800 numbers is no more.

Starting on that date, it won’t matter what type of telephone (mobile or land line), or where it is located (local or long-distance), callers will only have to dial 10 digits for all phone numbers in the country.

Callers from abroad will have one less digit to remember. They can stop using the extra 1 that was required for reaching cell phone numbers. Such calls will only require entering Mexico’s two-digit country code, 52, before dialing the area code and phone number.

The Federal Telecommunications Institute know that old habits are hard to break. For anyone still dialing the old way, it will still work for another year.

Other service numbers

020—Operator-assisted domestic collect call (Telmex)
030—Local time (Telmex)
031—Wake-up service
040—Information / directory
050—Phone company hotline
051—Determine your own line’s phone number
070—City hotline (in some cities)
071—CFE hotline (electric company)
072—Report poor water pressure, potholes water, etc. in some cities
090—Operator-assisted international collect call

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