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HGTV revisits ‘Monica de Hocabá’ in follow-up show

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California native Monica Petrus, now “Monica de Hocabá,” returns to HGTV in a follow-up of her “House Hunters International” espisode. Photo: Courtesy

Fans of “Monica de Hocabá,” aka California native Monica Petrus, can follow her further adventures on HGTV.

We first saw Petrus in a 2019 episode of “House Hunters International,” when she was portrayed choosing between two Mérida Centro homes and one more expansive property in distant Hocabá. Guess which one she chose.

The HGTV episode can be purchased on Amazon Prime in HHI Season 130, Episode 6, “Off She Goes to Mexico.”

HGTV’s “The Adventure Continues” spinoff will feature a follow-up of the episode at 10:30 p.m. EST (9:30 p.m. local time). The broadcast is a long time coming because shooting wrapped last May.

A skeptical Monica Petrus searches for a home in Yucatán in House Hunters International Season 130, Episode 6, “Off She Goes to Mexico.” Photo: HGTV

Anyone who follows Petrus on Facebook or Instagram knows how the adventure continued. Since moving to Yucatán, Petrus has been busy as an artist, painting canvases and murals on commission.

Petrus is also featured on the cover of Yucatán at Home magazine’s first issue this spring.

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