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Home deliveries of liquor sales extended, quashing rumors of a new ban

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Contradicting a rumor about the return of a total ban on alcohol sales, local media report that Yucatan will extend home-deliveries of beer, wine and liquor another 12 days.

Through a story in Diario de Yucatan, the state government put to bed rumors of a full-on “ley seca,” like the one that began in April. But to quell any stampede in liquor stores — a dangerous situation during a viral pandemic — sales are restricted to home delivery, and quantities are limited. This restriction began as an experiment on June 1 and was extended on June 10.

Restaurants can serve alcohol Mondays through Fridays in dining rooms booked only at 25% capacity.

Deliveries can be made through delivery apps or by companies registered with the Institute of Mobility and Urban Territorial Development (Imdut).

Hoarding is still curtailed, allowing just one bottle of wine or liquor or a case of beer cans at a time. So-called “caguama” beers, sold in stout 940-milliliter bottles, are limited to nine. The even larger bottles, called “misiles,” are limited to seven per customer.

For wine and liquor, just one bottle of up to 1,250 milliliters is permitted per purchase.

Upon arrival, the purchase can only be received by shoppers of legal age with ID in hand.

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